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The  voices  of  change  makers,  content  creators,  activists,  and  leaders  driving  movement  for  accurate  representations  of  Black  people. 
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Queen Sugar

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"My friend told me one day after his boy’s game, he was really emotional. They didn’t win, but he knows his son was working really hard. He was afraid to show him his emotion, he would usually wipe a tear or cry in private. But he said he pulled his son aside and was like yo I just want you to see how much you mean and I don’t care if you won, I don’t care about none of that, I love you for that, and he said I learned that from Ralph Angel. I was like damn like just us being able to have the space to emote, I think it’s really valuable as a Black man.” - Kofi Siriboe


from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

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ep: 07

Taraji P. Henson

A Conversation with Taraji P. Henson about "The Best of Enemies."

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ep: 06


Intersectional storytelling

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ep: 05


Storytellers changing hollywood

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ep: 04


Changing narratives in a time of harmful stereotypes

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ep: 03

dream hampton, Marcia Smith, Brie Bryant, Angie Martinez

black women & girls

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ep: 02

Ava DuVernay

Reimagine storytelling in a
time for revolution

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ep: 01


"Ain't your superwoman" - black women, reproductive justice and harmful narratives

So many times when we talk about representation it's so much more than oh I just want to see myself.... seeing yourself and having other people see you means the world. Especially in a day and age in which media has becomes one of the main ways in which we receive information, in which we understand or contextualize our world, it sets social norms.
Yara Shahidi
#TellBlackStories was created as an extension of Color Of Change Hollywood — our initiative to change the rules in Hollywood by ensuring accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people in film and TV.

We collaborate with writers, producers, executives, and influencers to raise industry standards and change representations of Black people and issues affecting us throughout the media landscape. We are dedicated to building power for Black writers and producers and creating more accurate and balanced representations of Black people, more authentic Black stories, more diversity in writers’ rooms, and holding media companies who propagate racist content accountable.

What we see onscreen plays a profound role in shaping American culture. It has an undeniable effect on public perception and how police, judges, teachers, employers, and voters treat Black people. Yet far too much of the content Hollywood produces promote dangerous misunderstandings. That’s why we tell Black stories.

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