About Frantz

It’s the renaissance baby! It’s happening right now. We are in it, and I’m glad I’m here for it. I’m just riding this wave, and I’m very excited to see what happens. Black Panther, a billion dollars. I saw Love Jones, and loved it. It’s just a regular story, but there’s not a lot of that. There’s not a lot of that for us. We’re not regular people, to me, it seems. Our story is not told like that, so there’s always something crazy, something convoluted about what we do. There are movies like that, that I think are great that could be told over and over again. Stories can be told like that over and over again. That hasn’t happened. But now, the renaissance is happening. Jordan Peele won his Academy Award. Black Panther did what it did. All these things, all these filmmakers are really doing some amazing work. So I’m very excited to be an actor and ride this wave, whether I’m involved or not. I would love to see what happens for all of us.